The Cyclone Hydro-Vac Method

Who We Are

Cyclone is a leading hydro excavation company dedicated to providing expert service to the oil and gas industry. Our skillfully trained staff and sophisticated equipment is safer, faster, and more efficient than non‐mechanical excavation methods. Headquartered in Weatherford, Texas, we provide hydro excavation services across the entire southern U.S. Our level of service has been built to stand up to the strict oil and gas industry standards of quality and efficiency. With Vac Trax client management technology powering the efficiency of our fleet, Cyclone provides impeccable service with the most modern tools available.

What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation, also referred to as hydro‐vac, vacuum excavation, hydro vacuum excavation, or soft digging, is the use of highly pressurized water to cut and liquify soil, while a high‐flow vacuum system extracts material from the dig site. The material is then deposited into the debris body or mobile storage tank. Because of its speed, safety, and accuracy, hydro excavation has become a preferred dig method.

Why Hydro Excavation

Safety is the biggest advantage of hydro ­excavation, simply due to the risk involved when exposing underground utilities or excavating in areas where there are multiple or unknown utilities. The risks of line strikes, inaccurately marked lines, or damage to these utilities in congested excavation areas can be catastrophic to the project, work crews, and consumers. Unlike traditional backhoe excavation, hydro excavation is safer and more efficient.

Trucks and Equipment

Cyclone’s vacuum excavators use hydro-excavation trucks and equipment to quickly and efficiently uncover buried natural gas, petroleum pipelines, and water mains, which greatly reduces risk of strike. Our vacuum excavators can also safely locate fiber optic lines, cables, and other utilities, while avoiding the damage that can happen with traditional mechanical digging.

Key Equipment Features:

• Excavates using water
• 1300-gallon water capacity
• 12 cubic yard debris tank
• 8-inch hose
• Telescoping boom
• 1,100-gallon support/additional water trailers when requested

Our equipment can perform in the toughest climates and soil conditions, and maintaining this equipment to impeccable standards is one of Cyclone’s top priorities. Due to our top of the line equipment, 270-point weekly inspections, and rigorous maintenance program, we are able to deliver more uptime and lower operating costs. All of these efforts ensure the best‐in‐class service we can provide to our clients.